Human Capital Intelligence

Human Capital Intelligence

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Skyminyr is the first AI powered platform designed to deliver the power of human capital intelligence. Skyminyr combines behavioral analytics, sector mapping, and relationship intelligence to equip companies to successfully navigate talent shortages and optimize their workforce.

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Addressing the Global Talent Shortage

We are in the midst of a global talent shortage and are approaching a full-blown human capital crisis. By 2030, the global human talent shortage is estimated to reach more than 85 million people, which could result in $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenues, according to a 2021 Korn Ferry study.​

Companies are ill-equipped to navigate this impending crisis...

Conventional HR tools are reactive and do not provide strategic perspective.
Lacking strategic and comprehensive approach to hiring, management, and talent retention for optimized enterprise success.
Today’s recruiting efforts do not effectively consider the full talent pool.


A different approach, using a new method of recruiting.

Skyminyr is not just another recruiting product. It is a disruptive approach to talent acquisition, retention and human capital planning.

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